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  • we love tiles

we love tiles…

Very much so, and we also love the pattern created by tilework. If it was up to us, the world would be completely tiled. The problem is that tiles are flat, but the world is not. For practical reasons, it is often necessary to mount “wall furniture” onto the tile work (a toothbrush has to be stored somewhere, after all). We designed tiles that bring the dream of a tiled world one step closer. Welcome to the world of DTILE.

about the designers

In 2001 Arnout Visser, Erik Jan Kwakkel and Peter van der Jagt designed tiles which could tile the world. It turned out that the rounded tiles were easier to design than produce. Erik Jan and Peter travelled around the world to find a factory that could make them. No-one could, so in 2010 they bought the machinery to start their own factory. After a year of experimenting, improving and perfecting, they succeeded in their quest. Still they are constantly updating and improving the production process to increase production capacity and expand design possibilities.

the factory

At the DTILE factory in Velp, The Netherlands, we produce our rounded construction tiles and our expanding range of function tiles. This is a highly specialized production process that requires craftmanship and attention to detail from the small team in our workshop. You are always welcome in Velp to see how a bucket of dry clay transforms into shiny and virtually unbreakable objects - in a range of beautiful colors. And for a cup of coffee, of course.

our team

Sometimes there are some misconceptions about the size of our company - people tend to think that we're much bigger than we actually are. We are with a small crew, between five and ten people, depending on the projects we are working on. We like it that way, because we think that because of our size we are pretty flexible. We're able to work closely with our clients (Peter will answer all your questions and help you with your design, if needed), and regularly produce special tiles in very limited editions (Erik Jan is the Mad Professor in charge of production and lives by the motto 'everything is possible'). And Klaartje (pictured here) makes sure that all promises we make to you are met - in time.